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We are here to bridge the gap between what the current research tells us about training and what is actually happening in the gym, on the track or where ever you train.

FitnessBreakdown is the blogging home of Seth Levinsky, personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, athletic trainer, exercise physiologist and owner of Sky Fitness, Silicon Valley’s premier provider of personal training and sports conditioning services.  Through Sky Fitness (www.skyfitpft.com), Seth puts the research and analysis found here on FitnssBreakdown to work with a select group of clients and athletes.

When he isn’t busy writing this blog or coaching clients Seth can often be found traveling around the US teaching continuing education classes for TRX on sports medicine/rehabilitation applications of suspension training or for Rumble Roller on self-myofascial release.  That is if it isn’t winter and there is good snow in Tahoe.  Then he can be found trying not to hit a tree as he searches for powder stashes in the glades.

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